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Man ‘Deletes’ His Entire Company With One ‘Bad’ Code

London: A man ‘unfortunately’ typed a single wrong piece of code and appears to have deleted his entire company, yes…, his entire web hosting company, along with all of the websites he looked after for his clients.

According to the newspaper ‘Independent’, hosting provider Marco Marsala, by mistake, told his computer to delete everything in his servers. He gave the problematic command “rm -rf” {foo}/{bar}, a basic piece of code that will delete everything it is told to, with those variables undefined. The “rm” tells the computer to remove; the ‘r’ deletes everything within a given directory; and the ‘f’ stands for “force”, telling the computer to ignore the usual warnings that come when deleting files.

Normally, that code would wipe out all of the specific parts of the computer that it was pointed at. But because of an error in the way it was written, the code didn’t actually specify anywhere – and so removed everything on the computer.
Man ‘Deletes’ His Entire Company With One ‘Bad’ CodeMarsala was under his backup taking procedure, presumably intended to delete old backups. But due to the lack of specificity, it just deleted everything it could get its hands on. The piece of code is so famously destructive that it has become a joke within some computing circles now.

“All servers got deleted and the offsite backups too because the remote storage was mounted just before by the same script”, Marsala posted on a popular web hosting forum.

Most of Online experts are agreed that it was unlikely that Marsala would be able to recover any of the data while some of experts say that he still has extremely slim chance to recover from this if he turn off everything right now and hand over disks to a reputable data recovery company. However, it would be highly expensive and a lot of time consuming.

To avoid this critical situation, industry expert Pankaj Chopra from SastaHost, suggest to double check instructions to delete anything on any server and to make sure entire back up of important data offline also.

Cyber expert Dharmendra Kumar from Mediabharti Web Solutions warns, according to the ‘Father of Computer Charles Babbage’s theory of ‘Garbage in, Garbage out’, a computer will always do exactly what you tell it to do.

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