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Revolutioalize Your World in a Conference

Every day there are a number of events, seminar and conferences taking place.
They range from a small room meeting with few attendance and few facilitators to big audience conference done in big halls and open grounds. Other conferences are done online, where a number of people from different parts of the world are able to attend and participate in a conference through video conferencing.The big question that one asks himself is that; Is it worthy for one to attend such conferences? Is it worthy your time and money (Since some conferences are charged)?
Conferences have a number of advantages on one. The following are some of them;

(a) Its a learning opportunity, in a conference, one meets people from different backgrounds, you meet experts and professional people from various fields, people who have gone through certain experiences, this in turn makes you able to learn from them. The facilitators and speakers pour a wide range of wisdom that one gains through attending the conferences.

(b) Conferences help broaden ones network. An old saying goes that you stand a better chance in life when you have many people to hold you. Through conferences, people meet people with similar and different interests, they are able to exchange contacts. These are people who become of great importance to ones life.
Its because of such networks that one is able to further pursue his or her dream. He has at his disposal many people with different experience and skills that are necessary to propel him or her ahead.

(c) Its an opportunity to travel. Some conferences are located far from where one is. If one has to attend he gets an opportunity to travel and visit a new place. With such, he is able to learn from other people, interacting with people from different backgrounds and different social status, see new places and get a better experience of the world.

(d) Conferences are key to funding. Most startups and even established businesses and social enterprises are able to secure funding through conferences. By attending conferences and seminars, one is able to know how well to write a request for fund from various organizations that are funding various projects and startups. You further get a link to various organizations and people dealing with funding.

(e) Confidence building, most people are shy in making a presentation, speaking in front of a large crowd or just the sight and presence of many people. Conferences and events provides a better place for one to increase her level of self confidence. Most seminars subdivide people into smaller break out sessions that help people discuss issues together. The shy ones are able to air their views in a smaller group and hence gain confidence.

(f) Conferences fosters unity and harmony. When people gather together, they are able to live together in harmony. People learn to live together through seminars and conferences. You get an opportunity to sit and share with a different person, this helps you to accept diversity and learn from one another.

(g) IT conference helps one gain more information on IT and other fields. By networking and connecting many people together, one is able to learn new ways and able to interact with people from various far places in the world.

Conferences, seminars and events are key boost to ones social, political and economic well being.
Whenever you get an opportunity to attend one please utilize it.

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