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What is a Dedicated IP?

In case you have your personal server, which has only one web site on it, then automatically, your IP address will be dedicated. However, generally more than one website resides on a particular server.

Dedicated IP addresses are usually suited for larger online business websites which are encrypted to get secure. This implies they might keep sensitive information for example credit card numbers, and so on.

On the other hand, some people claim that instead of having many websites sharing identical IP address, it’s much more effective as much as SEO is involved for a website to have a unique IP address.

Will it be more effective where SEO is involved for a website to have a unique IP address?


There are many situations in which a dedicated IP address could be beneficial for Web Optimization. As we have mentioned, shared hosting brings thousands of sites to one server. This means that your site might be sharing resources along with websites that are much more successful in comparison with your own. Consequently, those websites might be slowing down your website. The slower your website, the even lower Google’s ranks it goes. Shifting your website to a device that only hosts your website by default gives your website a dedicated IP address, and also this will surely pay rewards. Your website will be faster, much more dependable, and even more secure.


In middle of 2014 Google started off giving preference to web sites that contains an SSL 2048-bit key certificate. That creates a website address change from HTTP to HTTPS. Generally, SSL websites use unique IP addresses. Even though Google has suggested the change regarding SSL has effects less than 1 percent of search results, it’s a genuine SEO advantage. SSL can make your web site much more seen through public networks as well as can make web sites perform slightly faster, which means more visitors might strike your website and it may work faster – both triggers for better positions where SEO is concerned.


As we have stated, a shared hosting server can have thousands of web sites and a few of these websites may contain viruses. In that case, a Dedicated IP address may prove advantageous, but again, so would relocating your website to a trusted webhost and reliable server.

I have to be secure – How can I have a dedicated IP address?

Your hosting company in most cases have the ability to provide you a dedicated IP address and mostly they are not that costly. Your web host will setup the particular IP for you.

It might appear by current thinking that there’s little advantage of a dedicated IP address further than keeping you out of problems that may badly affect your Google search rank. If your company is earning profits and also you are using a shared server, for the money it charges, a dedicated IP address always is worth the expense, at least for being on the safer side.

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