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What is Unmanaged Dedicated Server and it’s benefits

Unmanaged Dedicated servers are usually rented by you, the buyer, from your webhost, and the total server administration is your liability. The webhost will simply charge a regular monthly fee for giving the server located in a safe data centre.

If you choose to go along with unmanaged web hosting, to begin with, you need to have full knowledge of the Linux OS. The webhost provides you with complete root access to your server; by doing this you can guarantee your own server uptime, dependability and server steadiness. Any difficulties or issues associated with server resources, functionality and configuration need to be managed by the consumer. The webhost will be responsible only for hardware & network related problems.

Benefits of Unmanaged Dedicated Server:

It’s less expensive: Unmanaged web hosting is usually more affordable in comparison with managed web hosting. This is clear that the extra money which you spend for managed server will be the price for several server administration services.

You are in charge: With unmanaged dedicated web hosting, you have total control on the server & its resources, like bandwidth, hard drive, memory, etc.

It’s easy to customize: If you’re purchasing the server for the customers, you are able to modify the particular server according to their requirements. You may also mount applications and programs within the server which are not supported with the webhost because the server is within your control.

It is under your assistance: You don’t need to depend upon the web hosting company’s tech support team for server administration related problems.

Web hosting companies provide unmanaged dedicated server because from your service provider’s viewpoint it’s a profitable service. The webhost charges just for the particular server however saves funds upon customer support, database managers, system admins, etc. For this reason unmanaged dedicated server can be found at low cost. Furthermore, new web hosting companies which lack tech support team and resources choose to provide only unmanaged web hosting services.

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